Office Furniture Refurbishment


At Edr furniture we can Reupholster your office chair, if your chair has torn or stained fabric this can be changed to bring your chair to as good as new condition.
Just pick your preferred colour and we will do the rest. With over 15 years experience EDR refurbish and repair all types of office seating for quantities

 of 4 chairs or over.

Whether it is  auditorium seating, conference/boardroom or office seating, EDR furniture restoration can make 

it look brand new again and restoraton can reduce your ecological fingerprint by reducing landfill!

Our Services include:

  • Repair of office and executive chairs
  • Recover of leather and fabric chairs
  • Replacment and padding in office chairs
  • Reupholster office and executive chairs
  • Repair and reupholster specialist chairs
  • French polishing, repairing polish and damage to tables, doors and storage etc.
  • General furniture repairs such as doors off hinges, drawers sticking, etc.
  • Boardroom, meeting tables, refurbish or re-use bases with new tops



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