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Herman Miller

The beginnings of herman miller was in 1923 and over the next 25 years expansion grew beyond its North American birth place.

Today with a global presence in many countries Herman Miller is recognised as one of the global leaders in innovation and technology.

An award winning company

A continues investment in technology enables Herman miller is stay on the forefront of innovation and changes in the work place. This has been rewarded with its Aeron chair in New yorks “Museum of modern art”.


Boss Design

Boss design is one of the market leaders in the seating industry in the uk. Founded in 1983 they Boss design are well established in the global market.



The design and manufacture of Vitra products stems from Switzerland.

Vitra embraces change and sustainability rather than this being a thorn in the side they see it as part of there make up, change is encouraged as far as it doesn’t harm people or the environment.

Vitra have been influenced by Charles & Ray Eames, the timeless pieces that have been reproduced for decades. Only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture Vitra products underlining the sustainability of its products.



Since its beginnings in the 1940s in Sweden, Kinnarps have grown providing furniture though out Europe and globally.

Today they supply a range of furniture for all types of workplaces, cafes, receptions and public places.

Kinnarps have won many awards and competence company of the year in Sweden, they are well established in todays furniture market and with the continues investment and research will help them continue to feed the market place.



In 1872 Albert Stoll founded a chair company in Switzerland. In 1948 Giroflex was formed enabling them to go global with the office swivel chair.

Giroflex have kept there swiss roots and continue to develop and further there research in furniture.

Orange box

Developing office furniture since 2002 is imperative in the business market, offering the consumer flexible and smart solution in a divers sector.

Producing furniture to suit all types of environments and people.


Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen have been in business since 1872, they began as an enterprising cabinet-maker Fritz Hansen from Nakskov obtains a trade license in Copenhagen. 1885 is a decisive year, where he starts a furniture production company of his own and two years later he has managed to establish a flourishing workshop in Christianshavn – a central part of Copenhagen. Fritz and his son Christian initiated the high quality level, which has been the trademark of Fritz Hansen’s products ever since.



Michigan is where Steelcase began in 1912, and today the furniture they produce service the globe through the vast network of channels and dealers selling the brand.


Human scale

Recognised as one of the world leaders in chair technology and innovation.

The Freedom chair introduced in 1999 shocked the world with its new dynamic functions and mechanism that require minimal control that respond to the individual user automatically.

The Liberty chair was introduced in 2004, it to has won many awards for its design and unique mesh solution.



Known for there forward thinking, modern and above all high quality in furniture in an ever changing office landscape.

Bene continue to develop working practices that is reliable and effective with great design, materials and the use of colours that can affect your work place positively.


Konig & Neurath

A Global supplier of office furniture the company was founded in 1925 and is managed by the owner. The companys headquarters are near to Frankfurt and have international outlets in the Uk & Holland.



Woking in surrey is where Bisley was formed in1931. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the emphasis on furniture was going to be the driving force for the Bisley name. From manufacturing containers in the war for the Armed force Bisley has now become a global force in office furniture. Bisley still remain in Surrey and in addition have a manufacturing facility in Newport.



The main manufacturing and show room are based in South Wales with customers in Stretching to Europe and Asia.

Triumph have been trading for over 70 years and are recognised as one of the Uk most successful furniture companies.


B&B Italia

The Italian company was founded in 1966, since then they have grown and achieved a prestigious Italian design award.

B&B Italia are a collection of brands and division, B&B Italia Home, Maxalto, B&B Italia Project and B&B Italia Outdoor.



The growth of Techo since 1998 has been steady, attention to detail, quality and design is off importance. The continual service and delivery of its products are seen to be very important.



The production of office furniture has grown over the last 30 years, the use off fine materials and sustainable timber resources have seen this British manufacturer grow in the market place.



A market leader in Austria, Wiesner - Hager are experts in office architecture, design and inspiring office furniture. Although the company was founded in 1849, it was until 1921 when the started to produce office chairs.



Global leaders in the production of furniture, Haworth operate in over 120 counties employing thousands to continue the growth of this family run business.

The Comforto range are part of the global Haworth group. Haworth continue to develop to match the change in behaviour from the consumer, this will ensure that they will be constant in an ever changing workplace.



There growing success from the 1940s is obtained from trying to think like to consumer and discover what it is they need.

Solutions to working environments is important to Ki understanding what is needs to be changed and developed makes a difference.

Ki global presence helps them stay in contact and offer there services with confidence.


USM Haller

Regarded as a design classic and based upon architectural structures the furniture collection is in the Museum of art in new york.



Founded in 1938 knoll design modern furniture that is sold globally, and have many pieces displayed in the museum of modern art in new york.

Knoll produce a full furniture range for the workplace that will last and inspire your environment, and understanding how offices around the world are changing there working environment.



The largest British furniture company, Senator where formed in 1977.

They begain by producing chairs but are today seen as the Senator group due to the acquisitions of Allermuir and Torasen.

The Senator Group can offer a full spectrum of workplace solutions globally making them a global name.


Matteo Grassi

Matteograssi began in 1880, in the town of Mariano Comense in the Brianza area. It was here that the head of the Grassi family opened a workshop for crafting saddles, bridles, reins and all the other leather equipment that horses needed for work and transport.

In the 1950s and 60s, thanks to their lengthy experience in the saddlery sector, the family gradually began producing items in leather for a host of other companies, including the most celebrated names in interior furnishings. In 1978, the family decided to create Matteograssi and its own line of furnishings.



Girsberger have been developing chairs for over120 years. The origins of the company go back to a woodturner’s workshop, which was founded as a family enterprise in Zurich in 1889. That original company has evolved into the modern-day Girsberger, a furniture manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. 

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