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Complete data security and peace of mind in our digital age

EDR Solutions offers a comprehensive IT Shreddingservice. We use a modern HSM Powerline HDS 230 secure shredder to ensure maximum performance. Some companies use software that they claim will erase the information from the hard drives, others will stockpile them in a "secure" store room, but these practices are not infallible these days and will unfortunately put you at risk of security breach.
All corporate computers contain sensitive information; when you change-out computers you need to be sure the information on your old hard drives is totally safe from thieves, wiping or degaussing just doesn’t work. Our hard drive destruction service completely shreds the hard drive rendering it impossible to recover the data.
It ensures complete data security in our digital age.
Our powerful data shredder doesn’t just shred hard drives but will also destroy magnetic tapes, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, store cards, credit cards and USB sticks.
We can even provide an IT engineer on site to take the hard drives out the PCs free of charge. To find out how we can provide a risk-free solution for handling your outdated electronics, (while incidentally freeing up the storeroom where you may have been stockpiling computers) just contact us. We are friendly and will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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